Castle All Night Vigil’s

Exciting News, History and Horror Tours in association with Menzies Castle are planning to run all night ghost vigil at Castle Menzies.

The dates are 4th December 2010 and 5th March 2011 plus 7th May 2011, more dates will be added.  Costs are £50 per night and times will be 10.30 p.m until 6.30 a.m.

The night will consists off on arrival we will do a ghost tour of the castle explaining what we might expect to encounter.  We will then look at some footage caught on film in the castle and listening to some EVP’s.  After a warm at the big Kitchen fire we will go into groups on in the old part of the castle and another in the newer 1840 part and do some serious ghost hunting.  There will be a chance to use some equipment and be involved in trying to contact the dead.   Then the groups will change places so everyone gets to work in the whole castle.

Another heat at the fire and a opportunity to use dowsing rods.

Before you depart a cooked breakfast will be served to all in the kitchen.

To book this exciting night’s entertainment call History and Horror Tours on 07840 094667 or e-mail

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