hostory and horror Tours

Tales and Tours of Scotland's past by renowned storyteller

Gary Knight


Let me take you back in time to the year 1745, when the black storm clouds of civil-war hung low over the land. A young prince has landed on the West Coast of Scotland with one thing on his mind, to reclaim the throne of Britain for his family the Stuarts. This young man Prince Charles Edward Stuart is perhaps better known today as Bonnie Prince Charlie.



Join the Prince's army in Perth with Donald Wightman a ghost from the Jacobite army; let Donald take you with him on a campaign. Together we will take Edinburgh then fight and defeat a government army a few miles from the capital at The Battle of Prestonpans. Then we will march on England capture Carlisle, Preston, Manchester and then Derby in the heart of England.

Learn of the surprise order to turn at Derby and retreat back to Scotland. Another victory at Falkirk then bloody disaster on the field of Culloden. Let Donald teach you how to fight with Broadsword and Targe and Lochaber axe. Hear why London was wide open to the Prince's Jacobite army, and how a lost chance turned overnight into a lost cause in one of the most romantic, saddest, brutal and bloody periods of Scotland's past.

"Absotuley wonderful, a real authentic treat, truly superb" The Sudels, New York