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Tales of an Executioner

by The Black Guide


Do you run a market or a public event and fancy some traditional entertainment?

Let The Black Guide in the form of Sandy Dow Perth's executioner put on a show for you.

Once public punishments and executions were the number one form of entertaining the citizens. These public spectacles would be held at places like the Market Cross on market day and vast crowds would form to be entertained by the hangman.




A variety of fiendish devices will be on display and explained often with the help of an unfortunate member of the audience. Let The Black Guide shut up the nagging housewife, spot and punish the witch and generally keep order at your market because after the crowd have witnessed and heard of the poor souls punished with the pillory, branding irons, cat o' nine tails, scolds bridal and thumbscrews then no-one will step out of line for the rest of the day - guaranteed.