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Gary Knight

John Larg (The Black Guide) was a criminal who was executed at the bottom of Perth's High Street in 1817.

His crime? Breaking into the toll house on the Edinburgh road and beating the tacksman and stealing the money, a crime called stouthrief (house breaking with violence)

















Telling gory and sinister tales of William Wallace’s narrow escape from an English trap, a desperate act of self preservation during a long siege of the city by a Scottish army, cannibalism ( not to be recommended if you have just enjoyed a chicken supper from one of the town’s chippies), an account of one of the worst crimes imaginable, regicide, the murder of King James I and the fate of the people responsible.

Do you trust The Black Guide enough to let him take you through
the dark past of Castle Menzies?

If so foolish mortal- MAY GOD SAVE YOUR SOUL.