Welcome to History and Horror Tours

August 22nd, 2008

Welcome to the History and Horror blog.

My name is Gary Knight, the Black Guide, I am a Scottish storyteller specialising in the dark side of Scotland’s history.  With tales of Witchcraft, Ghosts, Execution, Battles, Plague, Murder and Mayhem.

Most country’s are founded/created by murder, treachery, warfare and betrayal but none more so than Scotland.  We were constantly at war with our bigger, richer neighbour and while some of us were bought and sold for English gold others gave there all to keep Scotland independent and free, when we weren’t at war with England we fought each other.   Scotland was rarely at peace, free from the clash of arms.

With all this warfare it is hardly surprising that Scotland has more ghosts than most other country’s.  Nearly every castle or battlefield being haunted.

I will bring this dark, bloody past to life before your very eyes, if you are brave enough visit www.historyandhorrortours.com.